Disc Golf Days

disc-in-basket..pngWe have seen a lot of growth in the game of disc golf. Growth within the communities, growth in the coverage, but most of all growth in the amount of new people trying out this great game we all love so much. To this end, Top Link Disc Golf Supply Corporation has partnered with Disc Golf Days to enhance the experience for new players.

Disc Golf Days
"Experience The Game" : Puts a starter disc in the hands of every player and combines a lesson and tournament/guided play to give your next big group event an action-packed first day of Disc Golf!

Customized packages like: Trophies, side-games, entertainment, beer tours, shuttle service and more are all available to make your day just how you imagined it.

PLUS each Disc Golf Days event supports local clubs, women and youth programs. The Peace Bridge Sustainable Disc Golf Mission is to harness the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Act.

Lastly, Peace Bridge is partnering with existing Disc Golf initiatives to break down borders "Building Bridges through Sport" by making courses more accessible and sustainable - bringing disc golf into the forefront of global community building through sports.


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