Course Development and Design

screen-shot-2020-05-10-at-3.09.04-pm.pngIf you're considering building a disc golf course, we've got some tips to help get you started.

The three main pillars to having a successful course are: Space, Resources, and a Community Champion. These are scalable depending on the your specific needs. If you are a small municipality trying to bring new life to an old park, or a school teacher looking to introduce a new sport to your students, or maybe you are hoping to attract more tourists to your area and generate new revenue for local businesses. 

Space: This can be as small as a couple acres of brush, a small municipal park, large ranches, or pre-existing golf courses. The general rule of thumb is: 9 traditional ball golf holes equals 18 disc golf holes. 

Resources: We can work with you to ensure you have the proper equipment that suits the level of need in your community.

Community Champion: An MVP who is going to light the fire within the community to get people to come and play and try the sport for the first time. This could be an avid disc golfer and enthusiast, a Phys Ed teacher, a parks and rec employee or simply a pillar of the community looking to bring something unique to the area.

For all of these considerations we recommend consulting a professional to make sure your needs and goals are fulfilled.     

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