ChainLink Disc Golf

224136432-944600732782163-3575606430559767227-n.pngChainLink Disc Golf is the team of Jeff MacKeigan and Cara Hovius, avid disc golfers and engaged community members. They left their corporate careers with the mission to not only help you design and build your course, but to help you create, foster and support a vibrant disc golf community in your area.

ChainLink works with municipalities, private landowners, and private companies.

With all of their course designs, ChainLink offers a full 360 marketing campaign (i.e. logo design, social media setup). Their goal is to help grow the disc golf community, and believe that disc golf courses are one of the best ways to do this.  The will help you acquire all the necessary equipment, from baskets and tee pads, to signage and markers, based on your budget.  They work with all the disc golf manufacturers and the PDGA to ensure they have a broad range of options to support their clients’ needs.

ChainLink has the expertise to design a detailed course plan and handle the logistics to help you gain the attention and support of local decision-makers in your community.

The courses they aim to build are fully geared towards whatever their clients want.  Jeff, who also works as a college professor, is bilingual, with over 20 years of corporate sales & marketing experience. Cara, having grown up on a farm, is an avid naturalist, is a member of many ecological groups, and has over 10 years of corporate regulatory, scientific, and new product launch experience.

ChainLink takes their years of corporate experience and puts it to work to support you to make your dream course a reality. Whether it’s working with a municipality, private landowners, and private companies, they are there to support you with YOUR course development plans. They are available to work with you anywhere in Ontario, or Quebec, as well as Central America, and any European Union country.

Jeff and Cara will make your field of dreams a reality.


Jeff MacKeigan
416.809.7569 |
Facebook: Jeff MacKeigan

Cara Hovius
647.456.6182 |
Facebook: Cara Hovius